• Olia Mitjunova

    Designer & Founder

Hello, darlings

My name is Olia Mitjunova, and I am a fashion and jewellery designer.

At this point I would like to tell you a little about myself and my interests. I love to draw dresses since I was little and fashion was my world. Fashion is a fantastic way to express your personality and let people know who you are.  In university I discovered magic of gemstones and crafting jewellery.

However I collaborate with another brands, now I am founder and owner of my own brand Olia. Olia presents women's ready-to-wear collections and jewellery with gemstones.

Inspired by the beauty of simplicity and elegance, Olia limited edition collection features evening dresses and statement separates in romantic, feminine shapes. Cut from premium fabrics with contemporary colours, prints and styles, these pieces are designed with an attention to detail. Olia is a wearable fashion and trends that have come straight from the catwalk to your wardrobe and looks that you'll want to wear every single day and for every occasion.

In my work with jewellery I use semi-precious stones and natural materials, Swarovski crystals and pearls, various fabrics and other materials. Pieces of jewellery are made of metal – the so-called ''jewellery alloy'' – which contains minimum amount of nickel to avoid skin irritation. Metal alloy is coated with silver, rhodium or gold. This gives a huge advantage in terms of their quality.

There is no doubt that such a piece of jewellery or accessory will bring luck and success, harmony and charm to your life, as well as serve as a perfect accessory to your outfit both on working days and on festive occasions, emphasising your individuality and style, and creating a superb atmosphere!

Olia jewellery and clothes is chosen by the people who do not want to wear the same clothes as everybody else and be like everybody else, but – to the contrary – try to emphasise their individuality both in their lifestyle as well as clothing through their jewellery and accessories.

Olia works are unique pieces which are made with love, warmth and tenderness.

Always stay attractive!


Luise 22
Tallinn 10142


Andrew Design OÜ
+372 5098918
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